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Posted by Harish at Friday, April 18, 2008

Let me tell you about GLOSS. GLOSS a community in my college established with the view of learning and contributing to open source technology. Our goal was to become the largest contributor in India. Over a period of time, GLOSS has evolved in the college to a great extent in creating awareness among students to learn open source technologies and has grown into a family rather than a community with everyone having a sense of belongingness in the group. GLOSS is supported by Sun Microsystems directly as of now.

We have taken up some projects in open source too. I ll write more about out projects and keep this blog updated with the latest happenings in GLOSS and also my views on some open source technologies.

Btw, this is the logo for GLOSS. I designed it. Pretty cool na? Everytime I look at it in the Sun website or on any notice or certificate , I feel very proud.


thinking about notes said...

where to download ubuntu supported drivers for my lap compaq A933TU?

how it will be?
post some screenshots!

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