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Do Indians suffer from inferiority complex?

Posted by Harish at Saturday, April 3, 2010

Inferiority complex is a psychological phenomenon by which an individual feels shy or humiliated when he/she comes across something which in that individual's perspective is superior to what is possessed by self in a metric defined by that particular individual.

Every moment of our lives, we seek out and compare ourselves in everything and with everything. The dress we wear, the mobile phone we use, the way we keep our desk at office, our hairstyle, personal ethics to everything under the sun. We do this to keep reassuring ourselves that what we have is good. The comparison that we do gives both positive and negative results. Positive results give us that reassurance we sought out for. But negative results are an area of concern. We might learn from it and try to improve ourselves. This is what drives constant innovation and improvement. But if we do not take it in the right sense, we fall prey for the pangs of inferiority complex.

From a different angle, it may be viewed that inferiority complex arises purely out of the lack of knowledge of what is good for us and what is not. Inferiority complex is prevalent everywhere across the globe and no specific race of people are immune to it. But for our purpose I stick to Indians. An average Indian feels inferior about many things like any other human in any country. But the problem arises if he feels inferior about the fact that he is an Indian. The strong urge to migrate to foreign lands especially the ones termed as 'developed nations' mixed with partial knowledge of only the brighter side of life in those countries creates this inferiority complex. Yes, there are Indians do suffer from such a cruel from of inferiority complex and there are Indians who don't.

The good news is there is a gradual shift towards the number of people who do not feel inferior about being Indian which is a good sign. But still there is a large percentage of people who are on the wrong side. The reasons they give might be the opportunities available abroad, scope for financial development, the infrastructure, the quality of whatever service that is offered, cleaner politics, government that takes complete care of citizens, cultured people, climate, lack of reservations etc.

These people who suffer from such an inferiority, adulate the western nations, their culture and language. They would do anything to migrate to these nations and even worse they feel disgusted to reveal their Indian origin. For all those people, I wish to bring something to the light. If one nation can withstand the test of time for several thousand years, still continue to exist with the same name, language and culture, there is something special about it. Still if you feel the same way about being Indian there is one thing that you cannot change and that is the fact that your mother land is India and you are an Indian. So ask yourself 'Does loving your mother go out of fashion?'

With that question, I end the post by saying that I am a proud Indian who wishes to take the goodness from across the globe wherever it might come from but remain Indian till the end.


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