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The Extent of the so-called “Social Networking” sites

Posted by Harish.S at Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace are some of the sites which are pretty famous among youngsters now. The concept of Social networking was born in 1990’s to keep in touch with friends and family but it has evolved a lot. As of now, they are used as a source of advertisement ad money making venture by luring in people to use their features. It has changes the face of the internet ad Facebook has become one of the most popular sites in the internet. This advent of extensive social networking bought a lot of problems along with it.

• People become friends without knowing each others.
• People waste lots of time on non-productive activities such as games, quiz, and so on.
• Privacy problems.
• Addiction to social networking.
• Cut-off from the physical world.

There has been many problems and crimes reported because of Social networks. Kids are being blackmailed, bad company, money fraudulent cases, stress and strain and various other problems. To quote some:

1. A girl form Bangalore has been blackmailed by two of her Facebook friends for money and she has been stealing it from her mom regularly to give those guys. One day she was caught red handed and a police complaint was lodged on the two guys who were just of age 16 and 18.
2. A Mumbai girl sits in Facebook for almost 5 hours a day and had some 1500 friends in Facebook. She was under an emotional breakdown because her Facebook boy friend broke up with her and attempted for suicide.

I can just keep on giving even my personal experiences of waiting time in Facebook during exam, my friend wasting his whole time in his home playing a game in FB rather than spending time with friends and parents. The development of technology should be utilized for a productive work rather than this kind of time wasting entities. But I also don’t tell that Social Networking concept is a goner. Everything has its own limits and we should use it in a correct manner. Last but not the least, to end this with a quote I choose a Tamil saying which says “ALAVUKKU MEERINAAL AMURTHAMUM NANJU” (i.e.) Honey also turns into poison beyond a certain limit.
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Manoj.S.Rao said...

Technology grows and so does everything along with it. I think looking at these sites as a potential for networking and business is good and the people should keep control of themselves.

If one cant control himself, what good position he has to accuse a technology implementation [the networking sites]?

Everything has two sides. It is upto us to pick the best!

Manoj Rao
visit @ http://smanojrao.blogspot.com

Harish.S said...

@Manoj :Very much true, but technology is just is drifting and we are in the need of moving along with the tide of followers in the fear of being left behind... So it is a question only time can answer . Just my point of view..

@viji : thnks

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