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Open Solaris Birthday Celebrations

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yesterday OpenSolaris was released worldwide finally!!! We at GLOSS look at OpenSolaris as a member of our family. Since a new member was born yesterday, we decided to celebrate the release as its birthday. The function started at 12.30 in the Krishna Canteen after Abhishek finished his interviews for the members who wanted to be a part of the Development Wing of GLOSS.
Vikas, Sanjeev, VK, Prabu and I went there by 10.00 to start decorating the place for the birthday celebration. We had loads of fun there. Pasting balloons, decorative papers, hangings, 'I Love OpenSolaris' posters and a couple of more hand made posters all over the place. I ll post the pictures of the event soon after my exams are over.
It was 12.30 and the juice section of the canteen was full of GLOSS members and other OpenSolaris enthusiasts. The party started with a small speech by Abhishek as usual. He spoke about OpenSolaris for some time. Then he cut the 6kg cake we ordered for the party. And there were some fun events too with two people winnning OpenSolaris tee shirts. What's a party without food rite? So after the cake pieces were distributed to everyone in the canteen GLOSS sponsored a Rs.30 coupon for everyone who attended the party.
We had a good lunch and came back to our hostel with a determination to become the largest OpenSolaris community in the world before the next release of the OS which is a year later.
We have made a small video from the pictures taken during the party. It was sent to the important people in the OpenSolaris community around the world. We will be making a better video soon after our exams are over. I ll post that video too here with some pictures of the party.

Till my exams are over bye everyone!


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