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Video Sharing Site for GLOSS

Posted by Harish at Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks to startyourtube.com, GLOSS now has its own video sharing space! You may wonder why GLOSS needs a video sharing site while we already have a profile in you tube and also we are going to get a new website ready?(It's true folks, we will be having a site exclusively for GLOSS soon!) Here is the answer. In start your tube, you can make your webspace similar to blogspot powered by youtube. In simpler terms, you can invite people to join you and they create their blogs under your space and start posting.

Organize Stuff

The community is growing everyday and the members have a good amount of techy videos with them which they wish to share. Also, GLOSS releases some videos of its seminars from time to time. So, when all of these can be put under a common heading, it will be very organized and also easy to find resources related to GLOSS and open source technologies.

For the Film Makers Out There

There are some developing teams in SASTRA who want to make really good films for GLOSS. So, we give them a good platform with a very good visibility to screen their videos and make their way into the promotion wing of GLOSS (which will also have a blog here :-) ).

Where This is Headed
With this site started, many members who hate to type (maybe that's why they remain inactive in the group :-)) or like to say things through videos are expected to create their blogs here. The best videos, will be selected and they will be posted in the GLOSS website which will be created in the near future. So, this site will remain even after the creation of the GLOSS website as a medium of sharing videos for the members.

Some Important Links
GLOSS Video Sharing Website: http://www.gloss.startyourtube.com
Start Your Tube: http://www.startyourtube.com
My Blog in start your tube: http://www.harish.gloss.startyourtube.com


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