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Firefox record and GLOSS for First Years

Posted by Harish at Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally it's official now, Firefox 3 has made the Guinness World record for the maximum number of downloads by any software in 24 hours. It was an amazing count of 8,002,530 downloads worldwide which made this record possible. That settles the first two words of the title. As for the remaining words, read further. GLOSS will be launched for first years on 12th of July 2008. Unlike our plan on 5th, we decided to give them some time for settling and also, our planned chief guests have some problems with coming here. So, on Saturday the 12th of July, we will start the GLOSS sessions for first years at JVC. Since Dwarakanath is the new campus ambassador and Abhishek has become the coordinator, he is no more in the organising team of GLOSS. So, we guys and Dwarakanath have to take care of organising the events. Already the preperations have started. I will keep you guys updated about the latest happenings. Bye for now!


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