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GLOSS Website and Geek Speak

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally I am coming online after two weeks because of the poor wifi connectivity in my hostel. Anyways, in these two weeks, a lot has happened in GLOSS. The first is GLOSS has a new website which is linked to the SASTRA website! The site was developed by Abhishek and has many cool features like Forum, scrapbook, add friends, blogs and many more!!! One more sneak peek about the site is that we will have a blogger in the site who has won even an award from the President of India for blogging!!! The site will be inaugrated by the Dean, Mr. Vaidysubramaniam very soon. I will post the link here after it is inaugrated. The other one is Geek Speak.

Geek Speak is the show of GLOSS in my college radio 7Cube. It is hosted by Abhishek with Vikas and myself helping him with the show. The show will be on air every Tuesday from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM. Today in the show we had loads of fun. Many dedications started pouring and we gave away some cool facts on technology. We announced a contest too and a first year won it. We asked two questions and she answered both of them. She wins an OpenSolaris tee shirt which will be presented to her soon in the next GLOSS session for first years. Her name is Akshaya and she is from my branch (ICT!!! :-)).

If you are in SASTRA open up VLC Media Player every Tuesday evening by 8:30 and Press Ctrl-N. Now enter the address and tune in to Geek Speak!


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