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Popups Inaugral

Posted by Harish at Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today Popups (the club for first years under SCANIT) was inaugrated. We had two sessions of orientations. One for the ITC group and the other for other branches. Ashwath, Sandhya and Komal went to every non ITC class in VDV and announced for the inaugral while Harish S and myself were putting up the posters for the event. Today, the turn up for both the sessions were good and specially the response from the other branches was humongus!!! People were sitting everywhere. Right from the stairs in TIFAC to the stage! We had nowhere to walk on stage! Both the Harsha's were entertaining the crowd throughout the session and I also got a chance to do the same for sometime at the end. I felt like addressing a crowd in times of war where people gather in small places which is super overcrowded. Then we distributed the registration forms, made a couple of people sing and also selected the class representatives. After the session was over we had a good interaction with the juniours. To sum up I would say thanks to the efforts of Sandhya, Ashwath and Komal an amazing crowd with full energy and enthu turned up and both the Harshas for keeping them entertained. Lets see how the response is in the next sessions. :-)


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