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Download Manager for Ubuntu!!!

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was often wondering whether we have download managers in Ubuntu like those in Windows. A download manger should be capable of resuming broken downloads, have retry facility, and try mirror downloads. Windows has many of these download managers. So I searched for similar ones in Ubuntu and found that a download manager is pre-installed in Ubuntu! It is wget. So I searched for a GUI version of it and got gwget. Now I need to integrate it with my firefox. What best addon I will I use other than FlashGot :-). So now I have installed gwget and flash got an my download managers are working like a charm. Here is how you can configure these in your UBox.

1. Get FlashGot form here
2. Open up terminal and type sudo apt-get install gwget
3. Once everything is installed open Firefox and try downloading something
4. Your download window should provide an option for downloading with gwget using Flashgot
5. In Gwget, many columns wont be displayed first, to activate them goto Preferences -> Columns and add whatever you want
6. Enjoy downloading! :-) 



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