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Boot screens for Ubuntu

Posted by Harish at Sunday, August 24, 2008

Every time you boot your machine, the logo of Ubuntu comes up with a loading bar. This is called the boot screen. This can be changed and also recreated (if you are ready to spend some time with it). 
1. To change the boot screen, you need a software called 'StartUp-Manager'. You can get it using Synaptic. 
2. Use GOOGLE and search for usplash themes. I would suggest you to visit http://www.gnome-art.org where you can get some really cool usplash themes. Once you have downloaded some themes. 
3. Extract them to a folder and you can see the files with extension .so
4. Copy all the files to /usr/lib/usplash.
5. Open up System -> Administration -> StartUp-Manager and select the Appearance tab.
6. Here you can choose your favourite splash screen using the drop down menu.



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