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My First Day with Ubuntu

Posted by Harish at Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is my first day with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron in my laptop. For the entire day, I did not use Vista. Anyways, the day started very early for me at 6 AM!!! I got up from my bed with bubbling with enthusiasm to try out the new OS. So I just roamed around the OS. The first thing I tried was to change the wallpaper. I got only four wallpapers along with the OS out of which 3 are amazing and the other is a plain colour. Then I tried to use wifi. Because of poor connectivity, wifi was very slow. But anyways, I tried to install some packages in the evening using the package manager and things worked out fine. Here some of my points which can be improved in the OS
1. More wallpapers need to be given.
2. Try bundling Combiz and Wine with the usual setup
3. Firefox 3 (Onyl Firefox 3 Beta 5) is available with the installation
4. VLC Media Player and some codecs for mp3 by default.
5. Open Office suite
6. Audio is very low in my Inspiron 1525. This definitely needs to be improved.
I will post more blogs on customizing the OS by installing various cool softwares and making some small tweaks in the following days. Till then, c ya!!!


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