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Finally I Installed Ubuntu

Posted by Harish at Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally I installed Ubuntu 8.04 in my Dell Inspiron 1525 yesterday. Now I can dual boot Vista with Ubuntu. Installation is very easy. Here is how
1. You just need to save some space (4 GB atleast) by shrinking some volume and make sure its a free space partition.
2. Put the Ubuntu CD in and reboot from it.
3. The installation process will start and you can easily navigate through it. When it asks for the partition check whether it shows your HDD with the used space for Windows Vista/Longhorn and some space for Ubuntu. This means all is ok and you can proceed with the installation.
4. The partition manager should start and press manual in it and select the longest continous free space (which obviously will be your new volume)nt.
5. Now press Install and and Ubuntu will get installed in less than 15 mins! This is seriously faster than Vista. :-)
6. Reboot your machine without the CD and it should display the GRUB bootloader and it should show both Windows and Ubuntu. Log in where ever you feel like and enjoy!!!


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