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Changing the Logon Screen

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, August 13, 2008

As I said, I will posting some cool customizations for Ubunutu. So lets start with something very simple and primitive as changing the logon screen. Open up System -> Administration -> Logon Window. It will ask for the admin password. After it loads up you can see some good logon screens which you can choose from. The best part is you can choose multiple boot screens and Ubuntu will choose one randomly everytime from your list. For getting more logons do a simple GOOGLE search or try www.gnome-look.org and download GDM Themes. Put all the logons you downloaded in some folder and do not extract them. Open up Logon Window (System -> Administration -> Logon Window), select the Local tab and press Add. Now select the files you downloaded one by one and enjoy an array of cool logons. :-) Here is a screen shot of how it looks


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