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The APPLE frenzy

Posted by Harish.S at Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apple inc. has made it again. It invented new technologies like mouse wheel , iPod, iPhone and now the iPad. Though it never seemed a bigger prospect when compared to its previous products, it has created a revolution in the market again. It just didn't create a market share for itself , but also boosted the number of iPhone software developers by nearly 200%. The number of iPhone related projects have been increased to 1600 from 600 in just one month. Apple has repeatedly proved its worth by making a firm entry into the market with every product they release. One more achievement for Apple : Nearly one billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes. That is a big number. iTunes and iPod still continue to dominate music industry by all means. And for iPod users, you have a chance of winning a $10,000 Apple voucher. All you have to do is just download a song from iTunes before the song count reaches 1 billion or go to Apple site and register fr the draw. So lets wait until Apple unveils its next product.


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