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Posted by Harish.S at Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The "HUMAN MIND" is one of its kind. There is no such thing as complex as it. Great psychologists have wondered how the mind reacts to various situations and it still remains a mystery to all. It eludes all possible theories by acting in a new way everytime they try to find a pattern. We all have tried to ask ourselves certain questions about our own actions for which we ourselves dont know the apt answer. Why do we react wierdly at times? Why are we not aware of ourselves when we are not in control of our mind? Why do we develop certains tastes whic halways differ from others? Why are people different even though they have same organ called the 'brain'. What is responsible for all these? We never know the answer to all these questions. How ever sophisticated a technology becomes it is still no match to a human brain. One such instance of this : Massechusetts Institute of technology developed a super computer named "DEEP BLUE" which was considered to be 99% efficient in playing the game of chess. But that lost to Garry Kasporov in a game of chess and garry lost to Indian chess veteran vishwanathan Anand.
Thus life goes even without understanding the basic thing of a human being: THE MIND. Let us wait till some one unravells that mystery.
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