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Firefox 3 is here!!!

Posted by Harish at Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finally its here!!! Yes, after all the beta releases and release candidates, Firefox 3 is all set to hit the cyber world on June 17th!!! This is a very special occasion for all the Firefox fans across the globe. People are hosting parties to celebrate the release of Firefox 3 and they are doing it in many crazy ways. Mozilla guys also give away free Firefox goodies for people who host parties to make it even better. If you are interested in partying for the release of Firefox, visit http://mozillaparty.com. Now, at this point of time, I would like to address the people who are not aware of some of the features that make Firefox the best browser around. Yes, its far better than IE or Safari. Here are some of its super cool features.

Lets start with Security:Firefox is simply the safest browser on Earth! Here is why
1. Security experts are engaged even before the development of Firefox is started.
2. If any critical security bug is found at any point of time be it the beta stage, RC stage or even the post release stage, it is made public so that it can be fixed by anyone across the globe asap.
3. Firefox has many special features like anti-phishing filters, automatic password manager, protection from Spyware and Adware etc. More importantly, security updates are released every 6-8 months and more frequently if it fixes a critical bug
4. It is open source. So anyone in any part of the world can contribute to the development of Firefox making it very very robust.

What's a software which you can't customize? With Firefox, you can realise the actual meaning of customising your browser. With more than 3000 plugins which help you to stay in touch with your friends, listen to music, prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate sites, find better shopping deals and everything under the sun! You can have millions of themes and skins for your Firefox as well. Trust me, there aint any browser in the world which can give you these many customizations.

Finally, Firefox is a 100% Organic Browser as they call it. Its because Firefox is a non-profit project which is developed by hundreds of thousands of people across the world coming from various geographic and cultural backgrounds as a result of which more than 120 million people use it in more than 20 languages in regular basis!!!

I think all this talk should get you atleast a bit interested in trying out Firefox 3 . So go ahead and download your copy of Firefox 3 on June 17th from here and help set a Guinness World Record on The Download Day!


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