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Hiding Nav bar in Blogger Template

Posted by Harish at Thursday, June 19, 2008

There are many cool customizations you can make with blogger. Some are really easy while others are a bit tough. So I thought I can blog about some blogger hacks as well. Here is the first and the simplest one in the series "Removing Nav bar from Blogger Template"

Removing Nav bar from Blogger Template

Its perfectly legal to hide the nav bar in your blog. So feel free to try this simple hack. Here it goes

Step 1: Log into your blogger account and click Layout -> Edit HTML.
Step 2: Before editing the template, I recommend taking a backup of it. The simplest way is to click the 'Download Template' link and save an XML copy of your blog template.
Step 3: Now find the following line
/* Variable definitions
Step 4: Paste the following code before this code
#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
Step 5: Press save and preview your blog with the nav bar hidden.

Next time, I will post a simple hack to add page elements or gadgets to your header section of the blog.


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