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GLOSS Inaugration

Posted by Harish at Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hi folks!!! Today, this is going to be a really small post as my SXDE download is about to be completed and I am dying to try it :-) As I said already, GLOSS DTSi is scheduled for the 5th of July only but we thought of inaugrating GLOSS for the seniors even before that day (talk about the power of becoming a senior :-)). So, we have planned to have the inaugration day after tomorrow itself! That's right, on June 30th, GLOSS will be inaugrated for this year. With the aim to become the biggest contiributor to the open source community in India, we are inaugrating GLOSS amidst the presence of the deans of SASTRA and also, Abhishek will be discussing OHAC for this session. We have lots of plans to organise the event and this time, we are planning to try out the new videography team of GLOSS! If things are successful with the new team, GLOSS can release video newsletters, video tutorials, documentaries and many more frequently. I will post many pictures of the event and if possible some videos too here on Monday evening. Till then...bye!!!


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