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Posted by Harish at Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally one year of BTech is over for me in SASTRA and holidays have started!!! My favourite fourth years have returned to their homes and some good juniors (hopefully!! if you know what I mean :-)!!!) are yet to join the college. I m sitting at my home with my new laptop just enjoying life. Many of my friends ask me what they can learn during these holidays. So here are some useful and simple stuff you can do to make something useful out of these holidays.
1. Try to learn Java. Atleast the basics.
2. Learn HTML if you don't know.
3. Learn some multimedia software like Photoshop or Flash.
4. Learn some UNIX stuff.
5. Read the newspaper daily regardless of watching news channels or reading news online. Trust me, newspapers are gold mines.
And most of all, meet your friends, go out and party!!! :-)
That's it for now. Catch you later guys. Bye!!! Take care!!!



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