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Labs for GMail and Draft for Blogger!

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GMail Labs

Most of you would have tried the labs feature in GMail. For those of you who don't know about GMail Labs, log into your GMail account and click Settings -> Labs. There you get to test some of the newest innovations in GMail. Most of these are created by individual engineers in the GMail team. When some spark is produced in their brain for improving GMail, they code it and put it in the labs section. Most of the features introduced in this section are untested (mostly) and you get to use, test and send feedback to the GMail team. When a feature is really popular it is made a part of the regular GMail. Cool nah?

There are many cool features in GMail labs. Try them out and I recommend you to try mouse gestures definitely.

Blogger In Draft

Now lets move on to Blogger in Draft. Similar to Labs in GMail, GOOGLE guys introduced draft in blogger. To use this feature go to http://draft.blogger.com and log into your account. After logging in, the first thing you will notice is the new improved dashboard. They made it look sleeker and is very neat with all the required options in one place. Here is a pic of it

You may wonder why this is similar to the labs feature in GMail with out giving some special addons. Click on edit layout in your blog and immediately you will see the striking difference. You will see 'Add a Gadget' instead of the usual 'Add a Page Element'. Click it and a new window pops up with the usual 17 page elements put up in a cool fashion on page 1.

There are several categories listed on the left side. Click on any and you can find thousands of gadgets to add to your blog. This is really cool. Absolutely anyone in the world with working knowledge of Java can create a gadget and submit it to GOOGLE. They test it and put it in this page with full credits to the author of the gadget. Pretty sleek huh?


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