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Google's challenge in China

Posted by Harish.S at Tuesday, January 19, 2010

As an update to the previous entry on Google's strategy in China i would like to add some details to it . China has stringent censorship rules regarding internet content. Hacking into Google server has led to theft of intellectual property. More details of the hack has been made available to the public recently by the media.
1. The hack has been done using an IE6 exploit which was released by the hackers on the net.
Note: Patch has been released the next day by Microsoft.
2. Google suspects insiders to have helped in hacking the accounts of Chinese Human right activists.
3. Google has closed down it china office temporarily to check for the integrity of the network and to arrive at a more clear picture of the situation.
4. Google may close down in China.
5. Along with Google, more than 30 other US based companies have been hacked by the same exploit by the hackers.
6. US government has plans to ask Chinese government to ask clarification about the attacks on Google and US companies.
This is a case of "Internet Freedom" and the future of 'Internet CHINA' lies in the hands of the decision makers.


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