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An Interesting Comparison

Posted by Harish at Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was driving my brand new Yamaha R1 along a beach at over 300 kmph. The road was long and empty. I could feel the sea breeze on my chest. But my machine was a beast. It kept itself above the 300 mark with little effort. Soon I reached my house. It is not just any other house. It is a big farm house. Pretty much like what you see in the movies. I enter through the gigantic main gate and drive past the lush green meadows. I park my bike in the garage beside the silver Rolls Royce and get down. As I walk down the corridor my pet Labrador comes running to me. I push open the wonderfully carved teak wood door. From a distant hill I hear a voice. It sounds very familiar to me. It was my college roommate’s. The voice said, “Get up idiot! It’s 8:30 already!” Oh boy! This is the third time of the week I am going to be late to first hour class. I rush through my morning chores, skip breakfast as usual wondering if the last time I ate breakfast in college was in first year and run to class. I am fifteen minutes late. The canned response I get from the lecturer is ‘”next class.” After that there is no arguing but to move away. He just doesn’t understand that a budding engineer with big dreams and ambitions is waiting at the door step to start his pursuit of knowledge and he is just getting plainly dismissed off. I came down to the chota canteen to get myself some noodles and sit at the stone bench opposite to my department. It was a hot and tasty snack. My mind started to think about what to do for the week as I planned to sit there for the rest of the hour and hopefully make it to the next class on time. The following weekend I had my mid semester exam. Before that I had to submit an assignment, give a seminar for 2 out of 10 marks of internals, some record work, prepare slides for project review, pay mess bill, some fine for a random reason which would be added with it for every student and… As I was trying to recollect I saw a goat passing by. Yes a goat. It is a common domestic creature in my college. It caught my attention suddenly. It went to the nearby shrubs and nipped a bit. Then went to the nearby tree shade, sat down and started enjoying the weather. Out of the blue I became so jealous of the goat! The life it had! I mean think about it for a moment. It has no worries at all. No assignments, no exams, no attendance, no boring lectures, no mess bill, no pressure and not even a deadline to meet! It can go anywhere, eat and sleep anytime. No mess food! And still no one questions it. It is not even made into a meal like in other places because I study in a Brahmin college. And here I am sitting before it trying to recollect when I had my last breakfast! Aargh! I have become so jealous of a goat’s life! I wanted to become a goat! For the sake of living a lazy carefree life! I even prayed to God that in my next life I should be a goat in my college and sit next to a frustrated engineering student like this very same goat. And then something happened. Nothing big actually. The bell rang. So I had to rush for the next hour only to spend the rest of my day in class thinking what all I can do as a goat in this college in my next birth.

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abhilash owk said...

goats!!dude!!!are you so vexed with our college!!people wish there was no education anywhere or born in place with no education.. but this new option seems to be convenient than those..the same is the case with many of my friends in the college..in many colleges people wish their college days were not over...but here they eagerly wait to finish their studies and run away and never come back and never suggest this college to anyone..hope after going out from here u have the Yamaha R1 and the Roll Royce in your farm house...and you have a Labrador and few Goats which will say..Dude i hope i were u!!!

Viswanathan Karthik said...

Well u just identified the advantages of being a goat not the disadvantages... YOU WILL HAVE AN OWNER!!!

Harish said...

@abhilash: Thanks man! The day it comes true, I am treating you! That day's gold cup is on me! :)
@VK: There is a reason why I wanted to be a goat in our college. The owner never matters. You are free to do what you want. If you fall sick, your owner will take you to the doctor and cure you!
@Ashwini: Thanks!

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