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War of The Mobile Warlords

Posted by abilash at Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we have another edition of the wrangle between the two mobile giants Nokia and Apple.
The latest is that Apple Inc. has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Comission a.k.a. I.T.C. trying its best to block Nokia's import to the US.
Now we've got the two companies in a deep tussle for quite a while now.It started in October the last when Nokia sued Apple for infringement of 10 of its patents.In turn, Apple retaliated by suing Nokia that they have violated 13 of its patents.This is becoming into a war for domination .Who ever wins dominates the world of mobile phones.
As we know that Iphone had made the world frenzy.Same goes to some of the models of Nokia .Both of them exclaim of stealing each others technology.To top it all,Kodak has filed a cse against Apple for the use of their technology in Iphone. Both the companies will do what ever it takes to win this case.
Hope everything stays healthy.

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