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I feel relieved!

Posted by Harish at Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The first reaction I gave when I received the news “44 Deemed Universities are De-Recognized by the Government” was relief! The education and career of over 2 lakh students, over 2 lakh future pillars of the nation may seem like to be in a contingent plight. But I would say this is a “Blessing in disguise” for the students and to the future of our nation. The grounds on which these institutes were stripped off their “deemed” status given by the Minister of HRD Mr. Kapil Sibal himself are as follows
* Undesirable management structure where families rather than professional academics controlled the functioning. 
* Several institutions had violated the principles and guidelines prescribing excellence in teaching and research and were engaged in introduction of thoughtless programmes. 
* Little evidence of noticeable efforts in case of emerging areas of knowledge. 
* Little evidence of commitment towards research. 
* Institutions increased their intake capacity disproportionately. 
* Undergraduate and post-graduate courses were fragmented with concocted nomenclatures. 
* Higher fee structure than prescribed. 
The epitome of these is that universities which are run purely with the intention of making monetary assets and not to instill knowledge to students will be de-recognised by the government. During the tenure of the previous HR Minister, the status of “deemed” was virtually up for grabs. Many institutions which had an altruistic motive got clearances easily and are now thriving while the other institutes which were run with a not so high morale are in trouble now. One more interesting fact to be noted is that a few of these institutes were run by politicians and the people who are considered highly influential. The course of education of students in these institutes is also taken care of by the government. This is a clear indication that India is all set and is moving in the right direction to improve its education level to global standards. Hence the joint decision by the government and the Supreme court which might seem dubious at first sight is actually a blessing in disguise for the nation and there is a reason for everyone to feel relieved. 


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