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Posted by Harish.S at Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Twitter has become a buzz word in the present world. Internet was being used only for transfer of information in late 90's. But now a days the number of users have multiplied and internet has become a space of booming business. More people started using social networking sites to keep in touch with their kith and kins. Then came a site for updating status messages only. First I thought that what's the use of a site only for that purpose. But it has turned out to be one of the most upcoming site of the year 2009 and Twitter identity has become an important part of the technical world. Every celebrity is now in twitter and there are loads of dumb people who are always ready to follow what the stars do. This has become an amazing way of publicity for everyone. Twitter has proven useful for many communities: vendors to advertise their portfolio, celebrities to increase their publicity. The most interesting fact is that twitter has helped to generate huge funds for the relief of earthquake victims in Haiti. Also, it has paved way to jobs where a person needs to twitter to promote,market and support a product and the person is paid on the basis of number of tweets made. This has proven the use of technology and science for useful purposes and has shown the power of internet. Twitter has made a firm stand in the internet and everyone is in "Twittermania"


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