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Sandy's Chocolate Lab

Posted by Wini at Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The sad part about being in Chennai is that there is just one Mcdonald's and no Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. On the bright side, we have Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory. The seat of innovation, when it comes to absolutely sinful desserts.

It is very surprising that many Chennaiites don't really know about the place because it is so small that it consists of just one table. Yes. One big table. And it is on an obscure corner of Greenways Road. They do not advertise either. This is probably why not many people go there but, this is also why those of us who do, like it so much!

Apart from the exotic range of desserts (mainly chocolate based ones), the main appeal is the way in which they are served. In beakers and test tubes, decanters! :) Hence the term "laboratory"! The first time I went there with my friends, I was pleasantly surprised with the ambience. It was simple yet classy. Highly suitable for casual chats and informal "long-time-no-see" kind of meetings. I could see only two waiters, one of whom might have actually been the owner, one never knows! The table was made of oak. If two different groups want to sit at the table, then one group will simply have to sit a few seats away from the other. No other go. There are chocolate mousses and brownies with a varitey of toppings ranging from cream to fruits to chocolate chip cookies. Powdered chocolate chip cookies is always served with the main dessert. So is, for reasons beyond my understanding, chocolate milk!

My friend ordered chocolate fondue with fruits and he got a beaker of molten chocolate on bunsen burner and another beaker full of fruits. The idea is to dip the fruits in the chocolate. I got a beaker full of traditional chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and ice cream. It was very hard to eat all of it alone, though it was probably the best brownie I had ever tasted!

What I DIDN'T like about SCL was the unprofessionalism, if there is such a word( if there isn't then there should! ) . It is the kind of place that gives you dark chocolate if it runs out of milk chocolate. The other thing is the sheer unaffordability of the desserts. One tiny glass of spiced, molten chocolate (called xocolate) costs 250 Rs.!

But hell! It is chocolate !And there are people who would give an arm and a leg for a taste of some the finest chocolate desserts in India. If you are one of them then Sandy's Chocolate Laboratory is definitely your haven!


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