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The Right Path

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Every once a while we stop in our fast paced lives to check if we are going in the right path. This term called ‘right path’ is tough to define. It is tough to define because every entity defines it in its own way. But one thing is for sure. At the end of this right path that we intend to travel with all our energy lay the tree which yields the fruits of success and happiness. For every entity, an organization or an individual this tree is the inspiration to go on. It is the inspiration to rise up from every failure and keep moving towards this destination with more effort and energy than before. Any path that we are sure to take us to this tree is the right path. We define the right principles by what we call core values which guide us along the right path we have chosen. It is using these core values we can check if we are on the right path. We check if we are going in the right path in three occasions. One, if we are very proactive we stop once a while and check if we are on the right path. Two, we fail miserably at something which takes us to success. And the last occasion is on special occasions. One such day is today. The Republic Day of India. As a nation, we must check if we are what our core principles say we are. As a nation of over a billion people we strive to become the largest super power in the world and still remain a democratic nation. There are countless arguments that our nation is not going in the right path because of so many factors such as corruption, over population which remains untapped, crime rate, selfish leaders, thoughtless laws, pending cases in courts, poverty, internal fights over linguistic issues, over caste, creed and religion, useless education system, the bottom of the pyramid never getting benefited and so on. I agree. In short it may be put as our nation is not going in the direction our ancestors wanted it to go. It is true. It may seem like our dreams of becoming a super power will remain a dream. This is not the first time our nation has been in this state since Vasco da Gama found his way to India. There are two things which we can do now. Either keep lamenting over it, sit idle and let the devil drive our country right into hell or as a citizen, do our part to the nation and show what happens when a nation of a billion people fight back. And by the wish of good will, every time in recorded history we have chosen the latter and have succeeded. We have chosen to fight back with more strength and more commitment. As a citizen, we are not expected to great things. We can help the nation go in the right path by doing simple things such as following road rules, keeping the environment clean by making proper use of the dust bin, preserving places of cultural and tourist importance by keeping ourselves from inscribing our names on them, spreading the knowledge and love we have to others who do not have them, paying taxes, phone and electricity bills correctly and on time etc. There are some serious issues which we find hard to fight like corruption. But as a citizen, if we give our best to the nation, then by the laws of nature it will be reciprocated and the nation will give its best to us. This time it is our turn to make the choice which our ancestors made in their times. On this day I request you to ask yourself what choice you have made. To save the nation and come out as the largest super power Earth has ever witnessed or, go down as individuals. Now go out there and show the world what a billion people which joined hands can do! Happy republic day everyone! Proud to be an Indian!

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