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GOOGLE's new strategy

Posted by Harish at Wednesday, January 13, 2010

After watching the news that GOOGLE is planning to quit China, I visited the official GOOGLE Blog and read the full story. It's an interesting incident that should be viewed from a different perspective. I would like to take a philosophical note in this. GOOGLE 's core policy as they claim is "do no evil" which is not synergistic with the Chinese government. GOOGLE had to have several censorships on its search results in China. The core principles of these two entities are in contradiction. So its natural that the business will not work out in the long run. GOOGLE was not comfortable with its operations in China. The attacks on the two GMail accounts of Chinese Human Rights Activists is a very good cover for GOOGLE to make all its information public and available to everyone. In addition to this they are also planning to cut down all the censorships on search results in China. Of course, this is after talks with the government. If the talks fail then GOOGLE has confirmed that it will shut down all its offices in China. I personally believe that two parties can work together only if their core principles match. If they don 't it is wise to settle for a no deal as it will not create any discomfort in the future as GOOGLE is facing now. Its high time for GOOGLE to make the correct choice this time rather than signing deals which do not work in the long run.


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