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Nehru-The philanderer

Posted by Viswanathan Karthik at Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DISCLAIMER: This post has been written with the sheer motto of passing on information (and improving one's writing skills) and does not harm or disfigure any political figure.

We all know Jawaharlal Nehru as the first Prime Minister of India, that's what text books and history books tell us. More interestingly he is still the longest serving PM of India. Nehru was on of the very few who supported the partition of India. During his tenure, was to hold a referendum with the Pakistani officials in 1948 but dragged it on till 1953, then reluctantly withdrew from holding the referendum. If the referendum was held then, there would be no wars with Paksitan, no terrorism nothing. It was due to the absence of this referendum that news channels have so much to boast, foreigners always have a second thought before coming to India ("OMG, I hope there are no bomb blasts"), politics has become a business and all that one can think of in his mechanical life. But why was the referendum called off? He had the UN to his support too. Nehru, during this period of time was busy romancing Lady Mountbatten, so he had no time for the country. There is a saying,"Behind every successful man the is a woman". It says some random woman can change a man. Here's how the formula goes:

Lady Mountbatten->Nehru->Kashmir issue

After an hour of googling found out that Nehru was a very good philanderer, and Lady Mountbatten was not his first extra marital relations; he had a son to some other lady who is in an orphanage!!
The above photo shows the plight of Mountbatten when Nehru was coquetting Lady Mountbatten. So friends and readers please think, the next time you fall for someone see to that you don't take the wrong decisions.

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